Sif Savery

Animator, Director

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Tales of Zale

(animated web-series, 2011-)


Role: Director, Animator, Designer


A bright-eyed young fox named Zale curiously explores the forest with his friends, quietly hoping to find his family.

Shadows of the past loom hauntingly over them however, as they

enter the ruins of a mysterious ancient civilization – ours…


With the story taking inspiration from the fables of Lafontaine and Alice in Wonderland, Zale and Elva come across many odd animals. What is the wish of the carp in the wishing well? Why does the Buffalo stop for red? And what is it that the white rabbit and black cat want?

Zale wonders this and much more as he is taken through an emotional journey, learning bit by bit about himself and the world around him.


Tales of Zale has seen the release of 2 full 6-minute episodes and 3 "minisodes" thus far. Currently a special 10-minute episode is in production.

Waiting Room

(animated commercial, 2017)


Role: Co-director



Waiting room is a short 3D commercial produced at the animation workshop in collaboration with the client organization, Plastic Change.


The short aims to depict the serious issue of plastic in the ocean in a light-hearted, relatable fashion using the setting of a doctor's waiting room.





Not Out Yet

Better And Worse

(animated short, 2018)


Role: Animator, Generalist


Ask and Embla, A young couple in their mid-20’s, are thrust into imbalance. One part’s desire for change pushes the other into self-doubt about her place in the relationship - and what was before an unspoken understanding soon warps into a lack of communication, pushing each person to the edge before finally becoming able to see eye to eye.

Home on Rails

(animated short, 2016)


Role: Writer, Animation Lead


'Home' is a children's bed-time rhyme presented with colorful and imaginative imagery and animation. The short was created at The Animation Workshop for the "Short Short Film" program.

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Sif Perlt Savery

Skillsets: 2D/3D animation, directing, writing, storyboarding, editing, design


Phone:        +45 26 81 42 62


Skype:        Hikarian002



Director and Animator on ongoing animated web-series, 'Tales of Zale'

Animator and Generalist on graduation film "Better and Worse", The Animation Workshop, Viborg.



Animator at Studio Nørlum on Disney's Big Hero 6 TV-series.



Assistant Animator on Viborg Animation Festival 2017 trailer, directed by Koyano Moe



Guest Teacher, TVPaint animation class at ChungKang College of Cultural Arts, Korea



Co-director on 3D commercial short project, 'Waiting Room', The Animation Workshop



Animator at Studio Nørlum on undisclosed projects



Intern Animator at Studio Nørlum on Cav Bøgelund's 'Glaspigen'/'Glass Girl'



Animator and Visuals Creator on UniquePublications' 'RedNeck Ninjas: DIVA ESPRIT



Animator on water color animated short 'DROPS', The Arsenal, Viborg



Animation Lead and Writer on short short 'Home', The Animation Workshop, Viborg



Animator on graduation film, 'Stellar', The Animation Workshop, Viborg



Storyboard Artist on Spark-Flow Studios' animated series 'Will of Monsters' (formerly known as 'Pumpk & Cham and Pai')



Storyboard Artist on live action short film 'The Last Schnitzel', directed by Kaan Arici, Ismet Kurtulus



Clean-up Artist on Dominican Republic-based 'Copa Cola 2015' commercial, Lone Coconut Studio

Part-time Drawing Instructor for a class of students, age of 13-15. Covering themes including construction, composition and character design






Director and Animator on a wide range of independently produced short films including 'HUNT', 'Little Merry Ego', 'Blume' and more


Assistant Script Writer and anime reviewer on Jakob Stegelmann's 'Troldspejlet', Danmarks Radio



  • 2015-2019:  Character Animation Bachelor - The Animation Workshop
    • Projects: Playground (Jam project), Home (Short Short Film Project), Waiting Room (Commercial Project, Plastic Change), For Better And Worse (Bachelor Film)


  • 2017 (February-April): ChungKang College of Cultural Arts, Korea
    • Exchange student at ChungKang under the mentorship of Mike Nguyen during the production of his animated feature, "My Little World"


  • 2012-2015:  Visuel HF, Viborg Gymnasium
    • Projects: HUNT (media studies final film), Over (Odense International Film Festival project), Festive (Viborg Festuge commercial trailer project), Grundvand (Grundfos client collaboration project), Semina (Nature studies presentation project)


  • 2011-2012: Øhavets Efterskole 3D course


Director's Workshop

Hosted by: The Animation Workshop

September 29th-October 1st, 2017

Taught by: Uri Kranot


Storyboard Master Class

Hosted by: The Animation Workshop

May 20th, 2017

Taught by: John Coven; story artist


Workshop: Storytelling

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

November 22nd-23rd, 2014

Taught by: Lars kramhøft; novelist


Workshop: Storyboarding

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

November 8th-9th, 2014

Taught by: Birk von Brockdorff; art director


Workshop: Characters - Design, expression and flow

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

October 11th-12th, 2014

Taught by: Christyan Lundblad; illustrator/designer


Workshop: Production and Concept art with Photoshop

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

Taught by: Guillaume Dousse; illustrator/director

September 20th-21st, 2014


Lundø Croquis Drawing Course

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

Taught by: Iben Lindebjerg; drawing instructor

Date: July 12th-19th 2012


Danish - Native proficiency


English - High working proficiency


German - Medium proficiency


Japanese - Beginner proficiency


• NATA: Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation 2013 - winner

• NMAE: Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza 2012 – winner

• NMAE: Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza 2012 – Top cumulative score - winner

• Troldspejlet: 2013: Little Merry Ego – Pixel of the Year - 2nd place

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Daily 1st, August 14th 2013 - winner

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Review Crew Pick, August 14th 2013 - winner

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Weekly User’s Choice August 8th 2013 - winner

• Jutland’s Media Studies festival 2015: HUNT – Talent prize - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Best B-production - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Best sound design - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Jury prize - winner

Software proficiency:


(animated TV special, in development)


Role: Director, Designer



In a world of humanoid electronics, young Pong sets out to save her outdated friend - but soon has to accept that there are some things just can’t be fixed.


Retros aims to present the subject of 'losing a loved one' to kids and families in an approachable manner, leading way for a healthy dialogue between parent and child.

• about •

Sif Perlt Savery, originally from Frederiksberg, Denmark; current student at The Animation Workshop and vivid hat-lover. Main interests include directing and 2D animation.


With inspiration from Asian cultures I aspire to bring meaningful animation and passionate storytelling to the eyeballs of a global market. I have a particular interest in the series-format, having previously delved into it with the creation of my independent web-series Tales of Zale - with just the first episode having already surpassed 70.000 views on YouTube.

I'm curious by nature, and love to explore new possibilities. Most recently this drive led me to Korea, where I through Mike Nguyen's "My Little World" production learned more about heart-felt animation and the Korean animation industry at large.



©Sif Perlt Savery     •     •    +45 26 81 42 62